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See what our customers and community have to say about GiantMouse knives.

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On opening the blade fully, the liner lock clicks in with the precision of a fine-tuned machine. That liner has enouh engagement with the blade tang to inspire confidence that the blade will stay locked when making difficult or unconventional cuts..."I'm going to carry this knife," I told myself as soon as I unboxed the GiantMouse ACE Nimbus V2 folder. And, of course, when I say "carry" I mean that I will be using this knife a lot.


The ACE Biblio is compact but fills the palm well. Its grip design offers safety and comfort, especially with the porous surface of the Micarta variant. It also features an anatomically sculptured handle with a flipper, very pronounced jimpings here and there, and pinky support on the back. With all that combined, you’d be hard-pressed to find a folder of this size with a safer grip. It’s like a crossover in the knife world. It’s great for city use, but in the field, it performs much better than other lightweight EDC folders.


The Sonoma performed well as an Urban/Office option, but also worked great as an outdoor and weekend tinker knife. The cutting edge is relatively thin, but takes a good edge that’s durable and cuts really well. I tried most of the standard outdoor folder activities with the Sonoma; cutting, whittling, feather-sticking and food processing. It’s a knife that I can carry in my jeans and head off for the weekend with my kids to our country cabin. I also wouldn’t hesitate to take it on a day hike into the mountains.


A 3-inch blade made of Elmax steel, saber grind and an overall line clearly influenced by the Scandinavian puukko shape. It’s slim, slick and very pointy – a little bit upswept, which gives it some character. It’s a slim, thin knife, which easily slips into a pocket and almost disappears there – it’s actually a mere 2.50 oz. The Clyde could be not just a great office carry, but also a very capable weekender or ultralight option for trail runners, who enjoy quality ultralight gear and can’t imagine going into wilderness without a good knife.


Low weight, small size and multiple carry options make this one PERFECT backpacker’s and hiker’s knife. Just strap it to the backpack, in Kydex or leather, and forget about it – until it’s needed of course!  With an overall length of 5.5 inches it’s a little handy knife, light enough to be carried as an EDC blade everywhere. Its curved blade of just under 2.5” has a considerably long cutting edge thanks to the leaf-shape with a seriously pronounced belly – it’s not intimidating and looks socially acceptable to me. 

Customer reviews

Gm3 liner lock with titanium scales on bearing. Well I'm pleasantly surprised with this one. Blade centered, no blade play or rock lock. Great lines and tend to like the old school nail nick on the knife, it flows with the design. Great solid flipping action although the knife does not free fall, the detent ball does seem a little dry so this may need a little lubricant. The blade came to me sharp with its m390 blade. This is one of those knives you can carry on all occasions and I like that. Sleek and thin profile design. Also the weight of the knife feels great and balanced in the hand.            Solid piece here!! Great job.


When opening package [GMP3] on Monday, mentioned to a neighbor this is best production knife I have ever handled . . . . Bravo


Just received a titanium GM3. It is such a well thought out folder. I love that all corners are rounded and so smooth. GM3 resides in my pocket for good....or bad....CHEERS!!!


Got my GMP3 the other day... it's really one of the best knives i own, at any price - congrats. really a tour-de-force. I got the pirate and am considering getting the Ti version too, it's that great. This is my second day carrying it and i'm just loving every tiny detail you guys built into the knife from the depth of the jimping to the beveled edges to the integration of the lockbar into the flip-tab when it's open, and on and on. And the action and fit and finish are just phenomenal, not to mention the uniqueness of the bronze.

Andy Berkenfield

This [GMP3] has really good flipping action, definitely. It's on caged bearings, flips really nicely. Loving the grind. Loving the size. This is exceptional guys. I'm pretty stoked on this one... freaking sweet!

EDC Gear Reviews YouTube Video Review

This thing is a beauty [GMP3]!!! Danish designs, Made in Italy & sold in California! Its the perfect mix ! Anso & Vox killed it again!!!


Beautifully made knife, the GM3. Well done. Even if I don't agree with every decision, it's a beautifully done piece.

Nick Shabazz

What a knife! The GiantMouse Knives GMP3 @voxnaes and @ansoknives killed it 


Good work GiantMouse Knives @voxnaes & @ansoknives The GM3 turned out great; you guys really nailed it.


First day in the pocket for the new GiantMouse Knives GM3... This is one great knife!


Had this GiantMouse Knives collaboration from @voxnaes @ansoknives titanium gm3 for a couple of days now,and I'm pleased as punch that I pulled the trigger on one, much impressed.


Already putting it to good use. Love the GMP3 so far. Slices well and can still handle hard use. It kicked the Koenig Arius out of my pocket today.


Never thought I'd like having a mouse in my pocket but I'm becoming pretty fond of this one [GM3].


GMP3. Design by @voxnaes and @ansoknives. M390 blade steel and bronze scales in the pirate edition. Solid but elegant. What a beautiful knife. Fantastic work guys! 


I've always been a fan of Anso and Voxnaes. To my joy, they teamed up awhile back to make very high quality production collaborative designs under the name of GiantMouse Knives... this is the latest creation, the GMP3. So very clean and elegant!


Little. Bronze. Different. The GMP3 by GiantMouse Knives is a winner. The blade is clean, no logos. The fit and finish is perfect. Snappy action, solid construction. Good heft to it thanks to the bronze. I love the nail nick.


My GM3 just showed up and it's freaking beautiful! Thank you GiantMouse Knives.


Yes very happy with this sweet folder [GMP3]. If you didn't get the pirate version sorry. These bronze scales are smooth with great character. Butter smooth. Great job.


Mail call! GiantMouse Knives GMP3 #10 checking in. This detent is flawless, guys. Great work.


Definitely highly recommend…  this is probably the highest value most well prepared knife in the $300 range that I have, and again, its quickly become my favorite.

EDGYOUTDOORS (YouTube Video Review of GM2)

My GM2 is a distinct cut above any other knife I have from Italy, including offerings from Fox, Fantoni and LionSteel.

Hackenslash (BladeForums)

I must say, I didn't think anything could dethrone the ergos of the [ZT] 0560 for me, but the GM2 just feels... great. Not that I like the 0560 any less, but the GM2 is easily just as comfortable, it's a joy to hold and handle in every grip I've tried.

jfindon (BladeForums)

I know a lot of you will be seeing these on a lot of posts, but honestly they are incredibly well made! The knife feels solid and flawless while the leather sheath is very well made. For $100, this is an incredible piece.


Just got mine in. I am completely happy with my example (#189). Perfect detent, great flipping, and the thumb hole works perfectly well for deployment either with the thumb or middle finger. Blade is razor sharp and perfectly centered. The carbon fiber scales are beautiful and give great traction.

halden.doerge (BladeForums)

I picked up both the gm1 and gmf1 and quality is second to none.

Elsilrac1 (BladeForums)

Yeeeees, GM1 was my best knife of 2016

Seneca18 (BladeForums)

Really loving this knife. Amazing action and I love the fact I can choke up on the blade for precise cuts.


Just got my GM1 today. Really impressed. The little details are many and add up to value that is imho, well beyond the sum of the parts. Have owned lots of midtechs (and a few customs) that cost far more and are not even close to being in the same league as this. Perfect fit and finish and beyond smooth. Crowned blade spine, jumping at mid blade to work with forward grip, beautifully rounded flipper tab and forward choil, best milled pocket clip I've ever used, clever lanyard attachment point, excellent stonewashed finish and they nailed the perfect detent action. Of course, it's still the honeymoon phase, but this is immediately my new favorite. Well done gents, look forward to more.


By no means my most expensive/nicest knife, but GiantMouse Knives nailed it with this GM1. Pretty much hasn't left my pocket since I got it. Ton of fun to flip and put to use... Definitely built solid!


This GMP1 is a fantastic production folder. A lot of bang for your buck. This one has perfect fit and finish. The detent is lighter than my GM1 but I don't mind at all since it still flips great. Excellent design gents!


I know it can’t be considered a cheap knife at a retail price of $325 (for the GM1), but it certainly represents great value for the money. In my personal rank, in the ‘up to 400 USD’ folder segment, it’s one of the best proposals if you want a framelock flipper.

Piotr Ma

Slowly becoming my favorite blade. GiantMouse Knives GM1 number 100.


I love my GM1... this knife is like butter... fit and finish perfect... feels good in hand and razor sharp... if you're on the fence...... jus sayin


I really like the size of the GM1, and it's fairly slim for easy carry. Fit and finish is great, and I love the anodized accents. It flips great and I love the blade shape. This one will be a winner at this price point!


Everything you want in a knife for an incredible price, this will get a lot of pocket time.


Got my GMP1 today from #GiantMouseKnives set up with my #ThinBlueLine bead set from @grumpysedc. Man this knife is slick, great action, locks nice and tight, feels good in the hand. All around a brilliant knife. Glad to have gotten hold of one.


GM1 arrived!! Everything about this knife is top shelf... from the ergonomics, action, finish, detent. You better keep your eye on @giantmouseknives!!! @voxnaes and @ansoknives you guys knocked the design out of the park. All of you definitely have my support.


Mail call! GiantMouse GM1 #021! Pretty sweet knife gents! Love the look and feel of this and am looking forward to carrying it today. Really great packaging as well, and thanks for the extremely fast shipping!


This GM1 is a production home run in my opinion. I absolutely love the fat FFG blade (they call it a flat saber grind). Wish the flipper tab was a little smaller but aside from that I really like it so far.


I'm a fan... yup! It is what I had hoped for in a production collab between two great designers. Fit and finish is excellent to say the least. Thanks!!


Low weight, small size and multiple carry options make the GMF1 a PERFECT backpacker’s and hiker’s knife. Just strap it to the backpack, in Kydex or leather, and forget about it – until it’s needed of course!

Piotr Ma

Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso Collaboration is a knockout. Fast and smooth action. Solid lockup. Smooth edges except where it counts. This is already feeling like a favorite.


GMF1 is a big win in my book. Full belly with a thinly ground good quality steel blade, comfortable ergos for such a small size, great aesthetics, and a quality leather sheath for less than $100. If you're a big fan of little fixed blades like I am, you need to pick one up. Excited for their future designs.


Carried the CF [GM2] today, very light, flies open by flipper or flicking it. I've been trying to find something wrong with it and i can't, the fit and finish is great.

mgover13 (BladeForums)

The more I carry my GM1 the more I like it. Size isn't too imposing anymore, the grind is perfec


Got my gm2 today....tbh it showed up perfect. They did a great job. I am so impressed.

Elsilrac1 (BladeForums)

My GiantMouse Knives GM3 came this morning... First impressions are that the fit and finish and flipping action are awesome especially for a liner lock Voxnaes and Anso killed it on this one. I'm looking forward to spending some time using it to get ready for the review!


The Clyde in brass is amazing. It’s so comfortable, and carries like a feather even though its weight is substantial for its size. Sharpest knife out of the box I’ve ever seen, the edge is a freaking atom slicer.  The fit and finish is incredible, tolerances are so tight and the lines are just flat out, dope. Clyde is a pleasure to carry and use. It’s only been 2 full days and I’ve already put my daily carry of 3 years in the knife safe.



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