At GiantMouse, community is everything!  In fact, community is kind of responsible for the start of GiantMouse.  When Jens, Jesper and Jim first met at a knife show in 2014, they realized that they were each wearing a Panerai watch, and were members of the watch community.  A bond was immediately created between the three of them, and they knew instantly that they had a common interest that each was passionate about.

Fast forward to the launch of GiantMouse Knives.  Creating a community of friends and supporters of GiantMouse was always in the plan.  In fact, a name and logo for a community group was created in the early days of forming the company - the Shank Sharpeners Union (SSU).



It was when the team at GiantMouse met Steven Antonissen that the SSU was formally launched to the public.  Steven contacted GiantMouse out of the blue to ask if he could start a fan page on FaceBook for GiantMouse because he liked the brand so much.  The GM team said "great!" and turned the private FaceBook group they were creating over to Steven to polish up and launch to the public.  The rest is history.

The Shank Sharpeners Union has grown to well over 2000 members at present, and is adding more all the time.  The SSU is a place...