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GiantMouse has always been about more than just knives. When founders Jens, Jesper and Jim met at a knife show and saw they were each wearing a Panerai watch, it sparked something special. The three formed an immediate kinship, bonding over their unique shared interests and the realization they were all part of the same passionate community of enthusiasts and collectors.
From the launch of GiantMouse Knives, building a close-knit community of friends and supporters was always important to us. In fact, a name and logo for our community group, the Shank Sharpeners Union (SSU), was created in the earliest days of the company’s formation.


Today, the Shank Sharpeners Union has grown to almost 5,000 members, with more joining all the time. The SSU is not just a group about GiantMouse knives and gear — it’s a family — a brotherhood of like-minded men and women brought together by their love for the GiantMouse line and fine-crafted everyday carry items. But the relationships go much deeper than that. It’s a space for knife enthusiasts to connect and share, build meaningful friendships, seek answers and support one another, through good times and bad.
GiantMouse and the SSU are excited to be part of the growing EDC community. We believe the things people carry tell a story, each an extension of their personality and passions. From backpackers and craftsmen to the everyday adventurer, we admire and welcome anyone who finds inspiration from the contents of their pockets.
We here at GiantMouse are proud of the amazing community that’s grown around our knives and grateful so many have found a place here. We invite you to explore, reach out, and come join anytime.

GiantMouse SSU Community