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Care and Maintenance


Your GiantMouse knife was shipped to you in perfect working order. Keep your knife clean, and wipe the blade with a light oil after each use, and it will remain in perfect working order. If you need to clean your blade, use only a clean non-abrasive cloth or chamois. 

When cleaning, PLEASE USE CAUTION and wipe the blade from the back, avoiding contact with the sharp edge of the blade.

A dull blade is a dangerous blade. We recommend that you always keep the blade sharp. Blade sharpening requires practice and experience. If you are not experienced with blade sharpening, or have the proper equipment, you should consult with your local cutlery store for sharpening. 


While we recommend that you don't disassemble your knife, there may come a time when it is necessary to properly clean dirt or lint from the bearings and properly re-oil the knife. Our folding knives are manufactured to exacting standards and tolerances, and the pivot screws are usually held tight with an engineering adhesive to prevent loosening over time with use. Loosening the pivot screws will break this adhesive seal, and may put your knife at risk of malfunctioning over time. Please note that disassembly of your knife may alter the condition and performance of the knife from the condition it was in when it was manufactured, passed through quality control, and sold. Damage caused by disassembly will void the warranty.

If you believe you need to disassemble your knife, ensure that you have the proper tools or you risk stripping the screw heads. You will need a Torx 8 and a Torx 6 driver to remove the screws. You should also be prepared with a clean cloth, rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes, and a good knife oil such as KPL (Knife Pivot Lube), Nano-oil or TufGlide.

Start with the presentation side scale (opposite the clip side). Removal of the clip side pivot and scale should not be necessary to properly clean your knife.

If your knife is a liner lock, once the liner is removed you can remove the blade and the bearings. Again, you will not need to remove the clip side pivot or scale, and in fact we don't recommend it as it may be difficult to remove without the proper tools.  

Clean everything thoroughly with alcohol wipes - especially the bearings. Then put a few drops of oil on the bearings before putting the blade back on.  

Upon reassembly, you'll see that as you tighten the male pivot screw down, it brings the blade back to center. You will need to find the right balance between a centered blade and good flipping action. If the pivot is too tight, it won't flip well. If the pivot is too loose, the blade will show off center.