Care and Maintenance


Your GiantMouse knife was shipped to you in perfect working order. Keep your knife clean, and wipe the blade with a light oil after each use, and it will remain in perfect working order.

When cleaning, PLEASE USE CAUTION and wipe the blade from the back, avoiding contact with the sharp edge of the blade.

A dull blade is a dangerous blade. We recommend that you always keep the blade sharp. Blade sharpening requires practice and experience. If you are not experienced with blade sharpening, or have the proper equipment, you should consult with your local cutlery store for sharpening. 

We recommend that you never attempt to disassemble your knife. Our folding knives are manufactured to exacting standards and tolerances, and the pivot screws are held tight with an engineering adhesive to prevent loosening over time with use. Loosening the pivot screws will break this adhesive seal, and put your knife at risk of malfunctioning over time. Disassembly of your knife may alter the condition and performance of the knife from the condition it was in when it was manufactured, passed through quality control, and sold. Accordingly, disassembly / reassembly of your knife may void the warranty.