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GiantMouse Knives Our Story

GiantMouse Knives, the who, the why…

GiantMouse LCC is based in California.  American owned and Danish by design.

Our goal at GiantMouse is to combine amazing knife designs, with the highest possible production quality, at a fair price.

The designers behind the GiantMouse brand are world-renowned Danish knife makers and designers Jesper Voxnaes (Vox) and Jens Ansø.  Vox and Ansø both grew up in the rural outskirts of Denmark, spending their days sailing on the North Sea, fishing the fjords, hunting in the surrounding woods and exploring the great outdoors.  All of which required them to always be accompanied by a good knife.  In the hunt for the best possible knife, Jesper and Jens each started making custom knives in 1989.

The idea of a joint venture between Vox and Ansø had been brewing for years.  But it wasn’t until 2014 when they were sitting in a bar (who would have guessed, but still - true story!) with a good friend who started asking them questions about their individual design processes, and how they licensed their designs.  This lead to Vox and Ansø explaining that they enjoy designing together, and that they have collaborated on a number of interesting design ideas.  So their friend simply asked "why not produce these?” and expressed his interest in helping on the business end of things.  A few pints later, the idea of GiantMouse Knives was born, a partnership was formed, and the planning had begun for a high-end knife brand with limited numbered knives, of highest possible production quality, designed by Ansø and Vox!

GiantMouse knives are not “mid-techs” or “semi-custom,” nor have they been assembled or sharpened by Ansø and Vox.  However, every GiantMouse knife is designed entirely by Ansø and Vox, and each phase of production is performed in VERY close cooperation with the two designers.  Ansø and Vox are the ones holding all meetings with the production company, have full control in any design decision, materials, finish, packaging, etc., and ONLY they review the prototypes and decide on changes, if needed!

The 25%:

To keep GiantMouse a cutting-edge brand (I know, not even funny… - but still...), Ansø and Vox came up with the idea that only 400 pieces of each folder design would be produced.  300 would be a standard version, and another 100 pieces (25%) would be made in a special version and marked as such.  After the 400 knives are made, the design is discontinued!  This will make it interesting for the designers, as well as the collectors and end-users, and hopefully keep everyone on their toes in times to come.

GiantMouse Knives and “Save the Children”

The world is full of good causes and sad cases but GiantMouse has decided to focus on the children.  We want the world to be a better place, and we believe we should start with the kids!

Every time you buy a GiantMouse Folder, GiantMouse will donate $10 to the “Save the Children” organization.

About “Save the Children