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GiantMouse Hard Goods

As with the knives we sell, the GiantMouse brand and logo emerged as a collaboration between Danish designers Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes. Their deep friendship and respect for each other's work have forged a camaraderie and sharing of ideas that they believe their customers will appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Share your love of the GiantMouse brand with an item from our logo merchandise collection!

GiantMouse Bronze Lanyard Bead - GiantMouse Knives - Anso Vox Collaborations
Out of Stock
GiantMouse Copper Lanyard Bead
Out of Stock
GiantMouse Beanie
Out of Stock
GiantMouse Enamelware Mug
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
GiantMouse 2022 Tour Shirt
GiantMouse Trucker Cap - Blackout
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