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What’s in Our Pockets: GiantMouse’s Favorite EDC Gear

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The GM Guide to Building Your EDC

At GiantMouse, we’ve always believed the things we carry tell a story. These daily essentials are extensions of our passions–instruments and treasures that complete our person and tell the world what matters to us. Out in the harsh unknown, these things can make all the difference. At any moment, the right item might help solve a problem, bring comfort, forge a bond, or even save the day.

Our knives can do a lot (don’t get us wrong), but they’re not the only thing we like to keep handy. Whether it’s tool or toy, for utility or pure enjoyment, we love accessories. A pry or two, a pen, a flashlight–we never leave the house without our pockets fully stocked. As one member of the Shank Sharpers Union (our official Facebook Fan Page) so succinctly put it: “Write, light, pry, slice.” These are the bare essentials for a true EDC enthusiast–our creed when it comes to portable gear.

Our Essentials for Everyday Carry

The GiantMouse Team is all about being prepared. Prepared for what, you might ask? That’s the thing–You never know. But when the time comes, we want to be ready for it. For those with the same mindset, we’ve compiled this list of our top EDC tools and trinkets. We dug deep in our pockets and bags, even polled the GM community for their picks, all to present you with the very best of the best. Without further ado, here’s our favorite EDC gear of the year: 


Kaweko Steel Sport Pen - A personal pick from the GiantMouse Big Cheese himself (aka Jim), the Kaweko Steel Sport series has been dubbed the perfect minimalist writing utensils. And we couldn’t agree more. Simple and discreet, yet elegant enough to sign a Declaration, if the need arises. Kaweko offers four writing tools in their “Sport” line, in several different materials: a mechanical pencil, fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball pen. As cool as fountain pens are, we prefer the rollerball in steel for a perfect no muss, no fuss EDC writing instrument.




Fisher Space Pen - Here’s a piece that’s literally withstood the test of time and space. Hands down the number one pen pick from the GM community, the Fisher Space Pen is a longtime carry essential that truly lives up to its tagline: “Goes Anywhere, Writes Anywhere.” This sucker has rode on every NASA crewed space flight since the Apollo 7 mission! If it’s good enough for the astronauts, we’re pretty sure it can handle any terrestrial task you throw at it, whether that’s marking cuts or penning passive aggressive notes to your neighbor. With its pressurized ink cartridge, the Fisher Space Pen writes in all conditions, be it underwater, extreme temps, upside down, floating in zero gravity–heck, probably other dimensions, who knows.





Reylight Pineapple Mini - It’s the crowd favorite flashlight for a reason. What we love about the Pineapple Mini is it gets all the basic stuff right, and that’s surprisingly hard to find. Solid emitter? Check. Great tint? You got it. High CRI? That’s a big 10-4. Reylight claims this bad boy can hit 240 lumens with a 10440 battery, perfect for lighting up every disgusting, scary corner of your crawlspace. Plus, the thing just looks nice. The Pineapple Mini comes in a range of premium materials and won’t break the bank. (Personally, we’re a sucker for the stonewashed titanium.)




Olight Baton Pro - Now, if you need a little more power, the Baton Pro is the way to go. This is the newest version of Olight’s portable, rechargeable LED flashlight. Don’t let the small size fool you, the Baton Pro delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens, with an insane runtime of close to nine days! When it finally goes dark, the single 3500mAh 18650 customized lithium battery is easily re-juiced using the company’s signature magnetic USB charging system, for ultimate convenience. Denizens of the dark will scurry from your path, blinded by quite possibly the best high-performance portable for outdoor lighting.



Vero Fulcrum - The pinnacle of EDC pry bars. The Vero Engineering Fulcrum packs a major punch, and truly is an all-around pocket tool. Need to tinker with your knife pivot? Open a can of paint? Rip out some rusty nails? The Fulcrum was designed as a solution to life’s everyday crises. Made of lightweight Titanium, the body, clip, and pry tip are built to take a beating. The chassis even doubles as a bit holder, with five micro bits to handle all manner of screwing and unscrewing.


GiantMouse Caplifter/Prybar - OK, we couldn’t NOT include ourselves on the list somewhere. But even if this sucker wasn’t GM branded, we’d still be proud to wield it. Our Caplifter/Prybar tool is a beast, made of solid titanium and ready to tackle damn near anything. More than multi-use, it’s got universal function, all with that rugged GiantMouse charm you know and love. Perfect as a key fob, just add your split ring of choice, then hang off belt or pocket with the integrated side clip. And when it comes time to pop a cold one, you’ll be the hero of happy hour!




Leatherman Wingman - Hard to mess with the king of multi-tools. The Leatherman is a tried-and-true classic, an EDC staple since the dawn of time (or at least the mid 80s). This model comes packed to the gills with 14 handy implements: needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, scissors, ruler, can opener, file, screwdrivers–the works. You know the drill. It’s the undisputed project champ, whether you’re ticking off honey-dos or pulling ticks out of a hiking buddy. What more could you ask for in a tool? Lightweight, pocket-sized, and backed by the Leatherman 25-year warranty.




Ti-Tape Vintage Edition Tape Measure - How many times a day do you wish you had a tape measure? For us, it’s surprisingly a lot. There’s something so timeless about these Ti-Tape Vintage Edition Tape Measures. They give off that antique, old-world vibe, like a device Galileo would use to map the stars. And at basically the size of a Quarter, they are perfect for everyday carry, packed with a removable keychain clip you can attach anywhere. Did we mention ultra-durable? If that wasn't enough, the 3' measuring tape can easily be replaced if worn out from obsessive double checking.



Viperade EDC Pouch - Ok, maybe you packed a little too much. Happens to the best of us. When your pockets just aren’t big enough, we recommend this badass tool organizer from the people over at Viperade. Built to protect your everyday essentials, the VE1 EDC Multifunctional Pouch uses 500D Oxford fabric with PVC wear resistant coating, tough enough to withstand some serious abuse. This 7-in-1 storage bag has separate compartments for all your goodies, to prevent tools from scratching on the move. You can even transform the thing to a shoulder bag, simply slap a strap on the 550 paracord loops and you’re good to go!




Orbitkey Key Organizer - The geniuses behind Orbitkey believe “the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.” And we’ll be damned if their clever little key holders don’t do just that. Rugged, simple, and stylish, the Orbitkey Key Organizer turns your sloppy key ring into a neat, silent stack. The standard model holds up to seven keys, plus fobs on the D-ring, and you can add an Extension Post to throw even more on there. Rest assured your precious cargo is safe in transit, thanks to Orbitkey’s award-winning locking mechanism. Need another reason to buy? They just launched a whole Star Wars collection…




GiantMouse Torch Flask - In case you’ve been off-grid and missed the memo, we teamed up with High Camp Flasks to deliver our very own GiantMouse Torch Flasks! For the discerning on-the-go drinker, these double-walled beverage totes are designed to keep cocktails cold on even the most arduous journeys (like a trip home for the holidays). A key feature of the flask is its innovative, funnel-free design, which makes it easy to fill and clean by unscrewing the wide bottom cap. When you’ve finally earned your sip, detach the integrated 3 oz chalice (magnetically secured using PhantomLock Technology) and toast to the gods of recreation!




Kappa Quick Release - Finally, here’s a killer way to keep your essentials secure, yet ready for action at a moment’s notice. The Kappa QR is the ultimate utility split ring, allowing you to quickly and easily detach gear when duty calls. Boasting 10lbs of holding force, this tough little tugger can more than handle keys, light, pry, you name it. The two pieces are held together by a proprietary "canted coil spring,” commonly used in heart implants, military electronics, and stuff that flies in space. What’s more, the Kappa QR is fully configurable and designed to nest neatly with others, whether hanging from your belt loop or crammed in your jean shorts’ pocket.



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