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The Ultimate Groomsmen Gift Guide


How to Pick the Perfect Knife for Your Groomsmen

Choosing a gift for your groomsmen is a sacred (but daunting) rite of passage. This is your chance to thank your closest crew for their years of service, to bestow them with a treasure that will link you forever. You’ve assembled your dream team, the best of the best, now it’s time to honor these guys (and pray they don’t mess up the big day).

Your friends are one of a kind. Your future wife may barely tolerate them, but they’ve been by your side through thick and thin. They deserve to be properly knighted. Why go with a boring groomsmen gift? You want something special, that speaks to each individual, but unites them as a whole: Your brothers in arms.

Giving the Gift of Steel

No one needs another flask with their initials on it or a fancy shaving kit they’ll never use. Give your A-Team a gift befitting their elite status. Something real, a tool they’ll carry long after the ceremony. Something that pays tribute to your many adventures together (and prepares them for those to come). Nothing shows you care like a top-of-the-line blade. A beautifully-crafted, purpose-built knife will live in their pocket wherever they go. Whether it’s cutting fishing line or tearing through toy packages, the right knife will come in clutch again and again. A constant reminder of your bond and that special day you left bachelorhood behind.

The Best Knives for Your Best Dudes

Like the perfect D&D group, every member of your wedding party fills a special role in your life. These individuals have joined forces to make you the man you are today–each a Lego brick that helped build you. They deserve a gift that speaks to their unique talents. Whether they’re an outdoorsman or the indoor type, there’s a knife for every comrade by your side.

1. For the Best Man

The Best Man - Your number one. There through it all: middle school breakups, bad college haircuts, and that short-lived startup after graduation. He’s the faithful Chewie to your Han. Your copilot, best friend, and holder of many secrets. Your right-hand dude, there to make sure you make it to the altar.

ACE REO (Black G10) - He’s always had your back, even when you were in the wrong. Get him a knife that will do the same. Elegant, but strong. Dependable, but fun to be around. The ACE REO is a fusion of ultramodern design and industrial heritage. Your Best Man deserves the best, so treat him to CPM Magnacut steel and impeccable diamond plate milling. (Seriously though, get him something nice because his speech could go either way).

2. For the Bachelor

Everyone has that one friend who might never settle down. He’s out living the dream, somewhere on a motorcycle with his beautiful head of hair. When he breezes into town, he wants to stay out way past your bedtime, at some club you’ve definitely never heard of. He’s full VIP, the life of the party, but always there when you need him (and happy to share workout tips).

ACE Tribeca (Denim Canvas Micarta) - Your decidedly single bro needs something both handsome and practical. Rugged, yet stylish. Inspired by the trendy TriBeCa neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, this visually appealing blade is sure to impress his many admirers. And its perfect cohabitation of durability and functionality make the knife a more-than-suitable companion for any lone wolf.

3. For the Techie

You spent your high school weekends playing Halo on the original Xbox, now he’s head of something at Microsoft. The guy you turn to for all your tech questions. He helped you build your first computer, wall mount your flatscreen, and get into crypto. He’s the brains behind the operation. And only rarely brings up how he makes more money than you.

ACE Nibbler (Purple Aluminum) - The perfect desk mate, great for opening gadgets or rewiring speaker systems. Our ACE Nibbler is small and handy, the lovable nerd with a serious punch. This efficiently designed folder is ideal for jobs around the home office, so your buddy can easily cut Ethernet cable, without cutting a finger off.

4. For the Burner

He's unique? Maybe that’s the best way to put it. The guy who marches to the beat of his own drum circle. A Burning Man veteran with a heart of gold and head in the clouds (a very potent cloud). There’s only two things in life he takes seriously: friendship and Phish. You love him, but if you met today, the hemp shirt and harem pants might throw you off.

ACE Clyde (Brass) - One of a kind, in all the right ways. The ACE Clyde takes its name from a fabled Portland watering hole, “The Clyde Common.” An intoxicating blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design, with some serious Persian vibes, this folder is the perfect tool for the Playa and beyond. A little steampunk, slightly kooky, and great for cutting up “herbs” on the go.

5. For the Skill Seeker

Everytime you talk, it’s a new hobby, a new adventure. First, it was spearfishing, then geocaching, now he’s taken up woodturning? Who knows. One day you get the call: He bought a plot of land in the Santa Cruz mountains and needs your help milling lumber for a small A-frame. If life had a checklist, he’s on page two. But hey, at least he keeps things interesting.

ACE Jutland (Orange G10) - This multihyphenate does it all, just like your restless friend. Equipped for day hikes or more extreme endeavors, the ACE Jutland packs light but can carry out any cutting project, making it an excellent sidearm for the perpetual hobbyist. The bright Orange G10 handle is also damn near impossible to lose, perfect for when he discovers helicopter hog hunting.

6. For the Eagle Scout

The Eagle Scout - Probably your most useful buddy, he’s the Swiss Army survivalist, your tactical go-to when a project needs doing. He can tie all the knots, name all the trees, start a campfire with dryer lint, and open beer bottles with his teeth. Sure, he’s been wearing the same pair of Carhartt overalls three years straight, but you’ll be glad he’s around for the Zombie apocalypse.

GMF1- For your MacGyver, we present the ultimate utility fixed blade. This compact, versatile tool earns every merit badge, a true team player prepared for the toughest challenge. With its optimized ergonomics, the GMF1 is ready for any task, whether it’s a backyard BBQ or that backpacking trip you both barely survived.

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