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The GiantMouse Gear Guide: Winter Essentials

the giantmouse ace Jagt

Stay Warm with Winter’s Finest Blades

Feel that chill in your bones? Winter has come. Bust out those beanies, ‘cause the sun sets at noon now. We’ve got cold, dark weeks ahead, but don’t hibernate just yet! While the options for outdoor fun are limited, plenty of mischief still awaits those willing to brave the elements. A true adventurer is prepared to weather any storm, be it wild nor’easter or office Christmas party.

Seasons change, yet one fact remains the same: It’s always the right time of year for a pocket knife. Stay ready for whatever these festive months hold with the perfect folder by your side. We here at GiantMouse relish the changing temps: a chance to pursue cozy hobbies, test drive new boots, and drink. In fact, we get just as much use out of our blades sitting around the fireplace as we do out by the campfire. To help thaw those winter blues, here’s a list of our favorite knives to handle any obstacle this side of the solstice.

The Ultimate Folder for Snow Fun

Jack Frost be damned! A little snow never stopped us from having a good time. There’s no end to the amusements fresh powder can bring. Build a snowman. Hit the sled hill. Snowshoe to your heart’s content. With enough layers, any frosty endeavor is possible. But be warned: Conditions can get treacherous. Whatever your reason for trudging out, we recommend keeping a trusty blade at arm’s reach. You never know when you may need to cut kindling for fire or fend off a rabid yeti.

Allow us to introduce the ACE Jagt - Your perfect snow day companion. Engineered as our first hunting knife, the Jagt is sharper than an icicle and sleeker than a toboggan. For the heartiest among us, who savor a hike or camp in frigid air, this blade will have your back in a squall. And of course, there’s still hunting to be had. When tasked to clean a rabbit, you’ll thank the snow goddess for Jagt’s ample belly and confident grip. Even more, it’s available in Orange G10 for maximum visibility (in case it falls off the snowmobile).

Knives to Suit Any Seasonal Adventure

Hold on to your long johns…we ain’t done yet! There’s a flurry of fine GiantMouse blades at your disposal, no matter the wintertime plans. To help navigate this blizzard, we’ve assembled a few knives perfectly matched for popular pastimes.

Ski - Boots? Check. Poles? Got ‘em. Knife? Yes, sir! Whether downhill or cross country, every skier and lodge hound should include a trusty blade in their day pack. There’s no telling what the backcountry holds for intrepid thrill seekers. Hit the slopes in peace, knowing you can cut clothes or branches in an emergency. Caught in a whiteout, you’ll be thankful you brought a knife to divvy up rations (or carve up something tougher than a bunny hill).


ACE Iona V2 - Here’s a double black diamond blade with the comfort of a blue run. Our Iona V2 adapts to every demand of the mountain, with a wide Magnacut steel slicer and long, ergonomic handle. The new deep carry clip will keep her snug and secure in your jacket pocket, even when bombing gnarly moguls. As an added bonus, we’ve improved lockbar access for quick and easy unlocking with gloves on. Say goodbye to fumbling folders, and hello to the most steezy ski bud on the lift.

Ice Fish - We’d be hard pressed to name a more hardcore hobby than hole hopping hard water. Out on the frozen lake, it’s man or woman against nature—just you and your jig in the punishing cold, angling for a score. When it comes time to stock the fish house, there is one piece of equipment no ice person should be without (besides a heater and beer, of course). The right knife can make or break your expedition, slicing through knotted lines or fish guts like soft-bodied wax worms.

ACE Jutland - Trout, herring, whitefish—no scaly prey is safe from the might of our ACE Jutland. Inspired by the popular GM8, this Elmax steel beauty was just named 2023 Best Hunting Folder by Field & Stream. There’s no higher endorsement than that! Tangled tackle and fish meat tremble before this trophy catch. A rugged pocket tool perfect for those long nights in the shanty, with a blade large enough to filet prized sturgeon. And thanks to the bright orange handle, this sucker won’t get lost on black ice.

DIY - A snow day is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your place. Why not tackle those home improvement tasks you’ve put off since Spring? Since you’re stuck inside for who knows how long, might as well renovate. Rip up some carpet. Retile the bathroom. What about a home gym? We say “demo first, ask questions later.” But before you throw the hardhat on, make sure your toolbelt includes a sturdy knife. Without one, you’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of finishing this project.


ACE Atelier - The craftier among us may know an Atelier as a workshop used by artists to create their masterpieces. This showpiece of a blade aims to help aspiring carpenters do just that. The ACE Atelier is sharp enough to cut through drywall, with a stylish design you’ll want to hang in the study. Unlike your new remodel, this blade is built with the utmost attention to detail and highest quality materials. The kind of knife that can help you wrap your honey-do list before Santa even checks his.

Bake - Warm cinnamon rolls on a cold morning. Bundt cake cooling by the window. The frigid months lend themselves deliciously to treat making. And believe you me, no baker can expect to get far without a sharp confection cutter at the ready. Cookies, pies, stromboli—all the best desserts and pastries require a knife at some point. From chopping chocolate to leveling layers, there’s little a versatile blade can’t accomplish in the hands of a skilled dough artisan.


Kitchen Knife Set - Feast your eyes on this assortment of steel sweets. Even the most clueless cook can conquer the kitchen with this impeccably designed culinary cutlery. Our initial run includes everything you need to make mincemeat of baked goods: a chef knife, Santoku, carving knife, and paring knife. Their satin-finished Nitro-B blades cleave nuts with ease, and the green canvas Micarta handles can surely withstand the frustration of your many failed breadmaking attempts.

Open - Let’s be real: We all know where your knife’s going to get the most use. ‘Tis the season for opening. Presents, packages, old boxed decor—there’s always some need for a blade this time of year. Now’s your chance to be the person others turn to if particularly challenging gift wrap stalls the festivities, or a new toy needs freeing from its plastic restraints. Rip through Amazon deliveries with style! Then stay prepared to cut tape and bubble wrap when it’s time to pack everything away for next year.


ACE Nibbler - Be the hands down holiday MVP. The ACE Nibbler is small but powerful, the ideal tool for slicing twine, ribbon, or tape. Finally achieve “Favorite Child” status, as you tear down boxes to neatly fill your parents’ recycling bin. Even zip ties crumble before the razor sharp edge of this N690 steel blade. With the Nibbler, you get a compact, efficient folder that excels at every conceivable everyday application. It even comes in a holly jolly red colorway!

Don’t let dreary degrees get you down. Take this opportunity to pack on some extra insulation and put your gear to the test, tackling nippy sweater weather like a day at the beach. With a GiantMouse blade by your side, no challenge can frost your fun (except maybe the flu, sorry).

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