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The GiantMouse Gear Guide: Spring Essentials

the giantmouse ace Jagt

Bloom Anew With Spring's Best Blades

Spring has officially sprung—goodbye darkness, hello great outdoors! Nature is (mostly) hospitable once again, and we’re ready to grab it by the bunny ears. From picnics to egg hunts, there are a million excuses to get out and smell the flowers. For outdoorsmen, those first flashes of warmth are like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Not even a few April showers can stop us from lacing up our boots and shaking off those winter blues.

Now that fish are jumping and baseball’s back, a host of activities are on the menu once more. Time to hop into action! But it’s not all jellybeans and Leprechauns out there, you never know when you might face a shenanigan or two. All the best springtime activities are made even better with the right tools in your basket. For us, that means toting a lucky blade, no matter the mission. Hell, even a good spring cleaning can require some nimble knife work. Looking for the perfect pocket folder to compliment your plans? We’ve assembled a list of the best knives this side of daylight savings.

Your New Go-To Camping Folder

Nothing beats the Ides of March quite like sleeping under the stars. Here’s your sign to sneak away for a sick day before the kids settle home for summer. Spring welcomes back the start of camping season, a sacred time when man trades his warm bed for a cold tent and peace. It’s time to cram all the comforts of home into the ol’ SUV, so you can enjoy some mild discomfort among the trees. Of course, no good camping trip is complete without the perfect knife to whittle with while roasting weenies.

For your campfire consideration, we present the ACE Jagt. Originally crafted for hunting (think elk, not eggs), this blade serves as an excellent outdoor companion for all manner of roughing it. The ACE Jagt truly blossoms in the dirt, the go-to backwoods tool built to handle extended, sweeping cuts, while still narrow and sturdy enough to dice through more delicate work. Made from CPM MagnaCut steel, it will make quick kindling of anything at your campsite, whether you’re opening snacks or protecting your bear box from thieves. And its ergonomic handle gives a secure, confident grip for ultimate ease of use by lantern light.

The Perfect Knives for Springtime Adventure

Spring break forever! Take to trail and stream once more, with a blade fully suited for your particular brand of fun. Call it “the Luck of the Irish,” we’ve done the dirty work for you and picked out the best knife to match every seasonal activity.

Raft - Grab your Neoprene booties and personal floatation device, Spring is the perfect time for a rafting trip. But whether lazy river or raging rapids, don’t get caught upstream without a paddle (or knife, in this case). A solid all-in-one utility blade is ideal for cutting rope, snapping branches, or spreading peanut butter after a long day on whitewater. And it can be a true lifesaver in a rescue situation, say if one of your crew gets entangled in PFD webbing during a capsize.

ACE Biblio XL - An indispensable tool for any boating kit. The Biblio XL is your sturdy oar in heavy current, crafted to tackle tasks with nautical precision, while still compact enough to attach to belt, harness, or life vest. Available in Elmax or Vanadis steel, this wider blade is a true river monster when it comes to cutting efficiency. Its size also makes it easy to locate, keeping the folder instantly accessible even when tucked in a pocket to prevent snagging.

Fly Fish - Rod, reel, vest, and knife—what more does a Trout bum need? April marks the start of peak fly fishing, and any angler worth their weight in bait knows the importance of a deft blade. Even before you cast, the right knife is a crucial tool for tying flies, providing aid in the delicate art of crafting nymphs, streamers, and more. Once you hit the waters, that same shank can help with everything from removing fish hooks to cutting nets to trimming leaders and tippets.

ACE Jutland - Named 2023 Best Hunting Folder by Field & Stream, the ACE Jutland was designed from the waders up for the fishers among us. From dawn to dusk, this Elmax steel blade is all catch, no release. You get razor sharp cutting power to filet fly line, wind knots, or fresh Salmon without a fight, in a sleek tackle box staple that pairs handsomely with any bucket hat. If that doesn’t set the hook, the bright, hunter Orange G10 handle makes it near impossible to lose in a riverbed.

Build - You spent the winter drafting blueprints, now the weather’s right to bring that treefort to life. Even if your plans are more birdhouse than cabin, a solid utility knife will do wonders for any spring reno or workworking project. An easily accessible blade gives even the most novice carpenter a leg up on DIY—from cutting insulation or vinyl flooring, to scoring drywall and cement board. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than slashing plastic banding to free materials from shipping pallets.

ACE Atelier - Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality materials, the ACE Atelier is a true work of art. Taking its name from a workshop used to create masterpieces, this little workhorse more than lives up to the title. Its superior cutting power makes sawdust of to-do lists, slicing through rigid foamboard or dried caulking with ease. Designed for durability (with site safety in mind), the Atelier’s heavy-duty construction guarantees it will remain on your tool belt for years to come.

Climb - Now’s your chance to take fun to new heights: Find the nearest tree or rockface and start your ascent! Be it mountaineering or bouldering local crags, any recreational climber knows the value of a trusty pocket knife. Essential as a carabiner, a versatile blade is there to cut anchor or accessory cord, help free fingers from tape, or even chip away at loose rock. If some terrible tangle occurs, like your beard gets caught in the ATC, or rope stuck in a flake on rappel, you’ll be damn glad you have easy access to a sharp object.

ACE Tribeca - Free solo no more. With its razor-sharp blade and thoughtfully designed grip, the ACE Tribeca serves as a rocksolid partner for any vertical adventure. This sturdy knife merges durability and function, ready to clean off sketchy tat from abseil anchors, even with chalked-up hands. And just in time for St. Paddy’s Day, we’ve released a limited run in Green Anodized Titanium, the perfect shade of shamrock shake.

Picnic - The extra hour of daylight presents a golden opportunity to take your dining outdoors. Whether it is a short snack after a brutal hike, or the big Cinco de Mayo BBQ, picnics are a springtime staple. Food just seems to taste better when you’re grazing on an old wool blanket fighting off bugs. And the perfect pairing for any al fresco meal? A handy knife to cut fruit, cheese, dried meats, or bread like butter.

ACE Nibbler or Kitchen Set - We have two options on the menu here, depending on the size of your spread. Our ACE Nibbler is the ideal dinner buddy for our diners on the go. Versatile, compact, and ready to tear through the toughest packaging, it’s the ideal combination knife to devour any combo platter. But for those occasions where you need larger blades for food prep, the GiantMouse kitchen line has you covered. No need to bring the whole kitchen, simply pack our Paring or Chef’s Knife and assume your rightful place as king of the potluck.

We survived the holidays, the cold, and the forced family time. Now is your chance to kick back and enjoy before summer’s scorching heat consumes us all. So, go find your four-leaf clover, allergies be damned. And don’t forget to grab your favorite GiantMouse knife on the way out…

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