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The GiantMouse Gear Guide: Fall Essentials

the giantmouse ace Jagt

Treat Yourself to Autumn’s Best Blades

Scarecrows, pumpkins, apple pie—Fall has arrived. The perfect in-between season, whether you like cozy indoor activities or some brisk outdoor fun. There’s still plenty of time for adventure before winter hibernation. As leaves turn and the air grows cold, now's your last chance to tackle that New Year’s resolution before holiday chaos ensues. So bust out the flannel, fill your thermos with hot cider, and get to it!

But beware: While there is much to be thankful for this time of year, it is the spookiest season for a reason. Don’t get caught off guard in a haunt. No matter your taste in Autumn amusement, we here at GiantMouse recommend packing a trusty pocket knife when venturing out of the cabin. To help navigate the corn maze of options available, we’ve considered every Fall festivity and picked the perfect blade to match. For hunters or gatherers, to fend off ghouls or carve pumpkins in a pinch, here are our top picks for the season. No tricks, only treats.

The Perfect Tool for Hunting Season

For many, Fall means hunting. And this year, we’ve come prepared. Any hunter worth their weight in venison knows the importance of a reliable blade. Whether you’re tracking turkey, deer, pheasant, or rabbit, the right knife is a necessity in field and blind. The first application that comes to mind, of course, is dressing game. A proper hunting knife should have no problem processing meat—skinning, gutting, deboning, and slicing with ease. But out in the brush, there’s no telling how else your blade might come in handy. Cutting branches, crafting traps, first aid, or self-defense, a knife is a hunter’s best (non-hound) companion.


The GiantMouse ACE Jagt is our first folder designed specifically for the hunt. Jagt means “hunting” in Danish, and this sidearm’s more than earned its title. The handle alone is mount-worthy, boasting superb ergonomics and a finely milled texture for a firm, secure grip. Fear field dressing no more! The Jagt’s CPM MagnaCut steel blade has ample belly for long swooping cuts, while still narrow enough to get into those joints and tendons. Available in Hunter Orange, as well as Black or Green Canvas Micarta, the ACE Jagt is a trophy for sportsmen of all kinds, the perfect outdoor tool on trail or in camp. Accept no decoys.

A Knife to Fit Every Fall Need

There’s plenty of Fall fun to be had besides stalking does. Scarf season lends itself nicely to all manner of pastime, from rugged trail climbs to treacherous scrapbooking. Grab your pumpkin spice whiskey. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite autumnal activities and the best GiantMouse gear for each.

Harvest - Now something for the gatherers among us. Fall is a time to reap the rewards of your careful seed sowing. With crops matured, your edible bounty awaits, now go free produce from soil! What better tool to gift the gardener in your life than a practical, all-in-one pocket cutter. Chop tricky stalks in a snap. Weed, prune, transplant, aerate–the list goes on. Hell, wipe that baby off and slice up your score for a bite fresh off the vine. You’ve earned it.


ACE Iona V2 - Here we have a reliable outdoor aid for any green thumb. The Iona V2 is a stout, functional folder that loves to get dirty. Its wider blade, ergonomic handle, and enhanced spine jimping, gives you complete control whether chopping through tough stems or opening bags of mulch. As an added bonus, the improved lockbar access allows for quick and easy unlocking, even with gardening gloves on. Turn annual toil into compost, making any chore more fun with this sharp little farmhand.

Hike - The crisp air. The turning foliage. The crunch of leaves beneath your feet. Fall is the perfect time for a jaunt in nature. But even the smallest hill can hide a mess of thorns. To appreciate every golden hour to its fullest, don’t forget to pack a pocket knife when exploring nature. There’s no telling what you may encounter on the trail. A go-to blade can cut cord, clear brush, prep grub, or even make fire, if need be. And don’t forget whittling. There’s always time to whittle…

ACE Atelier - This little bushwacker comes outfitted for any obstacle on the trail. The ACE Atelier is lightweight and incredibly versatile, easy to pack but sharp enough to chop branches or rope in a snap. Geared for both survivalists and fitness junkies, mountains and loop hikes, there’s no switchback this steel blade can’t overcome. A tool you’ll be thankful you tucked in your rucksack when trudging the backcountry.

Bike - For those who don’t mind a little wind chill, Fall’s the perfect time to clip in and saddle up for a long bike ride. Call it the Tour de Turkey, a chance to burn off those pie slices on road or mountain slope. A reliable cutting tool is the perfect carry for any bike excursion. Slash obstacles with ease. Fix straps on the go. Fashion a makeshift patch. The possibilities are endless. When you’re stuck mid-trail with gunked up gears or some minor first aid need, a trusty knife may be just the ticket to get those wheels rolling again.

ACE Nimbus V3 - We present the ultimate tool knife for your two-wheeled adventures. Named after a classic Danish motorcycle, the ACE Nimbus is a strong, capable folder able to hold its own on any ride. With its sleek profile, this blade won’t get in the way, whether you’re drafting or bombing down trails. But it’s the utilitarian design that’ll really come in handy should you hit rough terrain.

Craft - Arts can be tough and rugged too. Every rainy day deserves a good project. And with the holidays fast approaching, now’s the best time to get crafty. The right pocket knife can help you tackle even the manliest hobbies, dazzling with dainty decor or fashioning fabric for festive costumes. Who knows? Maybe those little homemade gifts might turn into a lucrative side hustle. Either way, when someone inevitably needs to open a package, you’ll be the guy who always has a blade ready.

ACE Riv - Glide through ribbon and wrapping like first snow. The ACE Riv is a compact DIY buddy that will more than handle any day-to-day trim job. Tough enough to tear through leather, with the precision to skillfully shape the perfect centerpiece. This apprentice crafter offers the cutting power of a fixed blade in a razor-sharp folder primed for finer tasks. The ideal size for detailed model work or building an elaborate graveyard in your front lawn. Say goodbye to boredom and awaken your inner creative (at least until the weather clears up).

Cook - When the days get short, there’s few things better than a cozy meal by the fire. If nothing else, ‘tis the season for comfort food. Family gathered round the table. Chestnuts roasting. Mulled wine. The kind of eating that warms your stomach and your soul. But you won’t get far in the kitchen without proper tools. Heck, even simple soups need a sturdy chopper. A culinary artist is only as good as his or her knives.

Kitchen Knife Set - GiantMouse is proud to present this cornucopia of cuisine companions. For foodies, chefs, and the cooking-curious, our Kitchen Line stands ready to make mincemeat out of Sunday roasts, to carve, slice, and peel anything on your Thanksgiving table. The full set includes a chef knife, a Santoku, a carving knife, and a paring knife, all deliciously set with satin-finished Nitro-B steel. Both a durable set of kitchen aids and a beautiful collection to display for company. You’ll be master of meal prep and merriment with these blades by your side.

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