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Our 2023 Year-End Wrap-Up

the giantmouse ace Jagt

Cheers to One Hell of a Year

Well, GiantMouse family, we made it. Another year in the books, and what a year it was! Our small but mighty knife company achieved things in 2023 we never thought possible. New designs were introduced, incredible events attended, awards won, and most of all, so many friends both old and new continued to support this crazy dream of ours.

As we stand at the precipice of our next grand adventure, it’s completely mind boggling to see how far we’ve come as a brand and community. Before we head onward into the unknown, the GiantMouse team would like to stop and look back on the insane, amazing 12 months that just wrapped—none of which would have been possible without you!

Pushing Our Products Ever Further

2024 was a massive year of growth for our company. From the beginning, we set out to push quality and utility above all else, learning from usage and feedback to advance closer toward perfection with each new iteration. Nowhere is that more clear than with the remarkable slate of products we debuted this past year.

The biggest step for us would probably be the Kitchen Set, our first line of non-EDC knives. This project was a dream come true, a chance to apply everything we know about durability, ergonomics, and aesthetics to the ultimate test. We crafted these cooking tools from the ground up to offer the perfect balance of beauty and cutting power. And the result was some of our proudest work to date.

Our ACE line also welcomed massive additions this year—most notably, our inaugural hunting knife, the ACE Jagt. Built specifically for the hunt, the Jagt can more than handle any dirty job from blind to butchery, truly a trophy for sportsmen of all kinds.

Along with that, we introduced the ACE REO, a fusion of ultramodern design and industrial heritage named after “REO Town” in Lansing, Michigan. Other new launches included the ACE Atelier, Riv Liner Lock, Nimbus V3, and Iona V2—all huge strides in our tireless pursuit of producing the best (and coolest) tools possible.

Reflecting on Adventures and Accolades

We took our little show on the road in 2023, hitting knife shows and conventions from coast to coast. There were pop-ups, our first foray into watch fairs, more than a few happy hours, and even an award or two. Here’s a look at some highlights:

Atlanta Blade Show — An unforgettable stop in an unforgettable year. We had a blast manning our booth at the Atlanta Blade Show. The cherry on top? Our GMX knife took home “Best Overall Knife of the Year!” An award that left us genuinely humbled, deeply honored, and undeniably ecstatic.

Blade Show West — 2023 marked our first trip to Salt Lake City for Blade Show West, and boy was it a doozy. We spent a glorious weekend hanging with the community, meeting fans and fellow knife makers face-to-face. If that wasn’t enough, our GMF4 won “Best Factory Fixed Blade!”

Windup Watch Fair Tour — The GM crew hit all three Windup Watch Fairs last year: San Francisco, Chicago, and NYC. If you know us, you know we love watches, so these were a definite treat. Each experience was equally wonderful, allowing us to engage with new audiences and talk shop with fellow gearheads from across the country.

Castle & Key Whiskey Distillery Pop-Up — We enjoyed a beautiful Father’s Day out in Frankfurt, Kentucky, sipping rye and slinging knives. This fantastic collab even included a limited Single Barrel Whiskey hand-selected by the GiantMouse team! (Stay tuned for more exciting happenings with Castle & Key in the future…)

Castle and Key Distillery

Field & Stream Best Hunting Folder — How’s this for a pat on the back? Our very own ACE Jutland was bestowed the title “Best Hunting Folder of 2023” by Field & Stream! As avid fans, this accomplishment meant the world to us—the ultimate seal of approval by the biggest name in outdoor adventure. (And lucky you, we just restocked!)

Inc. 5000 Company (3rd Year) — To cap it all off, GiantMouse was honored to be included in the Inc. 5000 list for the 3rd year in a row. While accolades from the knife industry are essential, it's equally rewarding to be acknowledged by the broader business community for our continued success and growth.

Looking Forward to 2024

A new year dawns, and the GiantMouse team is already hard at work, dreaming up fresh ideas and planning our 2024 calendar of events. We have several new ACE designs slated for production, with the first ready to drop on January 11th. Also on the horizon is our 11th (!) GM knife, possibly our favorite to date. There are many more exciting projects to come, so keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our newsletter for breaking news.

As we head into our 9th year of bringing our "A" game, pushing the envelope in terms of design and customer satisfaction, we invite you all to settle in for what we promise will be a fun ride.

From the entire GiantMouse team, thank you for an amazing 2023!

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