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Behind the Name: The Journey of the Riv

the giantmouse ace Riv

From Spartan Memories to Lasting Legacies

GiantMouse Knives, known for its innovative designs, has a unique tradition of naming its knives after places that hold deep meaning for the founders. This tradition began with the Biblio, its first unlimited folder, named after the bar in Brooklyn where the GiantMouse founders began talking about the possibilities of launching their own knife brand. Following the Biblio, came the Iona, also named for a bar in Brooklyn, the Grand, honoring the Grand Hotel in Nuremberg, Germany, the Atelier, named after the art deco bar inside the Grand Hotel, the Farley, named for a quaint little bar and restaurant at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, California, and the list goes on. This beautiful and personal naming convention leads us to one knife that stands out in particular: The Riv.

In the bustling heart of East Lansing, Michigan, lies The Riviera Cafe, affectionately known as "The Riv," a local legend that continues to stand the test of time, where friendships were forged, memories created, and stories written. Among those stories, one resonates deeply with GiantMouse Knives' co-founder and CEO, Jim Wirth.

From 1985 to 1989, during his college years at Michigan State University, The Riv was a hub of camaraderie and laughter for Jim. It was a community where victories were celebrated, and the stress of college studies eased. When Jim moved the headquarters of GiantMouse to East Lansing in 2020, he was pleased to see that The Riv was still going strong.

The first knife to be released from the new East Lansing headquarters needed to honor something local, something special. That something was The Riv. This new knife was more than just a smaller version of the beloved Biblio. The Riv was designed from the ground up as a full-fledged frame lock folder, meticulously crafted with ergonomics and functionality in mind. The design team of Ansø and Vox worked tirelessly to ensure that the Riv would stand alone, and the result was an outstanding new folder, dubbed "The Riv."

The versions of The Riv, including Green Canvas Micarta, Brass, and Titanium, resonated with the tactile and visual memories of The Riv bar. Each material added unique character, and the "blackout" titanium edition, in particular, became a bold statement of pure fun and enjoyment, echoing nights at the bar.

Sold out for some time now, anticipation is building as preparations are underway for a restock of the Titanium Riv and the Titanium Blackout Riv. This restock is not just a release; it's a revival of the essence of The Riv itself. It's a chance for enthusiasts and collectors to be a part of something special and unique, connecting with the stories and emotions that gave birth to this remarkable knife.


The Riv knife transcends being a mere tool. It's a tribute to a time, a place, and the lifelong friendships forged therein. It's a connection between past and present, and an ongoing story that continues to resonate with those who carry The Riv. Through every fold, every cut, every carry, the Riv stands as a testament to GiantMouse's commitment to excellence and a love for storytelling.

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