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8 Ways to Use the GiantMouse Torch Flask

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Get Cozy with the GM Torch Flask

Springtime ushers forth the long awaited return of camping season. And we here at GiantMouse can’t wait to get back to roughing it. The smell of nature, the serenity of starry skies, and an excuse to drink outdoors at all hours of the day. What more does a man need? Whether you’re backpacking or glamping, there’s nothing better than sipping whiskey by a crackling fire, after a long day of playing Bear Grylls. This year, we’re even more excited to pitch a tent, thanks to our kick ass collaboration with High Camp Flasks!

The GiantMouse Torch Flask is truly a thing of beauty. Our first release dropped late summer last year—and let’s just say, they didn’t last long. The lucky few who nabbed one know the magic of this gorgeously designed upgrade to beverage consumption. It’s peak form meets function, truly a massive leap forward from your grandad’s hip sipper. And we’re happy to announce they’re finally back in stock! Just in time for your inaugural camping trek of the year. To celebrate, we came up with a few ideas to help make the most of this incredible hydration companion (and low-key meal prep master).

True Innovation in Outdoor Drinking

Before we run down some use cases, let’s appreciate what makes this Torch Flask so special. With its six ounce capacity, even the thirstiest traveler should have ample room for liquid provisions. Still, the lightweight flask is designed to easily slide into any jacket pocket or backpack. And with its 18/8 Stainless Steel construction, your new drinking buddy can more than withstand a few tumbles on the trail.

The double-wall insulation keeps contents at the perfect temp through any condition, whether it's a chilled Manhattan or hot cup of cocoa. Where this piece really shines is in the innovative funnel-free design. A wide bottom cap gives you pain-free access to the flask’s insides, for easy filling or cleaning. When it comes time to wet your whistle, simply detach the integrated three ounce sipping cup from the top and pour away. Your personal chalice stays secured to the flask mouth magnetically using patented PhantomLock Technology.

Top Things to Put in Your Torch Flask

Oh, the things you can flask! When we say these suckers are versatile, we mean it. With the double-wall insulation and big bottom screw cap, this pack MVP is more thermos than simple canteen. You’d be surprised how well it handles a multitude of hot and cold treats. Here are some of the best uses we’ve found (so far):

  • Cocktails - We know the vast majority will use this for its intended purpose only, and that’s just grand. The Torch Flash is truly the best roadie you could imagine. Whatever your poison, this high-quality pocket flask/shot glass combo provides top-shelf drinking from happy hour to nightcap. True outdoor connoisseurs will also appreciate the Electro Gloss Clean Technology, which preserves the integrity and taste of any spirit. Whether top-shelf scotch or fruity mixer, this cocktail caddy helps you savor every sip.

  • Beer/Wine - While bourbon fans ourselves, any adult beverage works remarkably well in this hearty tumbler. Crack a cold beer into the insulated chamber before your big hike, and that frosty goodness will be ready to cheers when you reach the peak. For those inclined to share, the magnetic pour cup even makes it easy to include a buddy in some afternoon wine tasting. It may not be the most rugged choice, but nothing beats a chilled gulp of chardonnay after an arduous bushwacking trek.

  • Coffee - Maybe you had a few too many last night and need help getting started this morning. Well, you’re in luck! The Torch Flask makes the perfect all-day container for your caffeinated delights. Whether iced or hot, our Stainless Steel carafe keeps your coffee the right temperature long past lunch. If you’re feeling generous, you can even pour your friend a cup, using the handy sipping glass. Who needs a Stanley, when you’ve got your own personal GiantMouse barista at camp?

  • Soup - Here’s where things get really interesting. With its easy-access wide bottom cap, the Torch Flask allows for transport of much more than just liquid. Why not take a whole meal along for the ride, by filling this beauty with six ounces of your favorite soup? The double-wall design keeps any go-to stew warm for hours. Enjoy a nice hot meal on the trail, or keep leftovers ready for your return. Hell, you can even pack this to the brim with chili, a true camp staple, and enjoy soup’s heartier, meatier brother anywhere, anytime.

  • Breakfast - The most important meal of the day, especially out in the elements. There’s a profound pleasure in sparking up that fire and cooking grub for the crew. So how does the Torch Flask factor into all this? Well, perhaps plans are running behind schedule and you need to take some fuel on the go. This sturdy thermos can be packed with oatmeal or grits to help you carb up for the big hike. The wide bottom cap gives you serious options, accommodating any morning fare from smoothie to eggs.

  • Dessert - Now for the actual most important meal of the day. Sure s’mores get most of the limelight, but with a double-walled Torch Flask at the ready, your camp dessert menu widens considerably. You’re an adult now—nothing’s stopping you from filling this thing with pudding and heading out on a crisp night walk. Or use it to keep a few scoops of ice cream nice and chilly on a warm summer day. Seeking a warmer treat? Try filling your make-shift dessert cup with a helping of campfire-cooked apple crumble.

  • Protein - For the fitness buffs among us, we know there’s nothing more important than hitting your macros. Optimal protein intake can be hard when you’re far from the comforts of home, even with all the jerky and sausages. May we present: the perfect camp shaker bottle. Unscrew the bottom lid and scoop in your powder of choice, then simply add liquid, close it up, and shake. You’ve got yourself a perfectly chilled protein shake that’s ready for some outdoor calisthenics.

Water - Listen, it’s important to stay hydrated. Is it sexy? No. But no one wants to pass out in the heat miles from the nearest ER. Let’s take a minute to acknowledge the aquaholics among us. The Torch Flask is a serious upgrade from some boring old water bottle. You get a tough-as-nails, fully insulated H20 tote that won’t clash with your aesthetic. As a bonus, you can even use the detachable cup as a makeshift water bowl to quench your dog’s thirst.

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