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7 Best Knives to Get Dad for Father’s Day

7 Best Knives to Get Dad for Father’s Day

Our Father's Day Gift Guide

What do you give the man who gave you everything? The one who’s put up with your shit for decades (sometimes literally)? He fed you, coached you, bathed you, and even now, as a full-grown human, you come to him for advice on life’s toughest questions.

How do you properly celebrate your biggest cheerleader? Who is and forever will be, the best guy to have a beer with? You get one chance a year to truly honor the man who made you. Get him something that will stand the test of time, just like his love.

The Perfect Gift for Pops

Sure, back in the day, dad was happy with whatever mess you made him in school. But times have changed. You have the means to really spoil the old man now. Do it right this Father’s Day, with a tool that will make all the other neighborhood dads jealous.

A premium pocket knife is a surefire way to show dad you care. What father doesn’t want a top-class accessory to clip on their belt? Whether it’s cutting fishing line or opening toys for the grandkids, there’s a million uses for a good blade. And each time he flips it open, he’ll think of you–his favorite child.

What Knife to Get Your Dad

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. Some are your blood, some you met along the way. Regardless if they're the handyman, fixing up stuff around the house, or if they're the wise counselor, coaching their adult kid through life's ups and downs, each dad has his own way of being awesome.

1. For the Fix-it Dad

Some dads like fancy things, others still drive the Toyota T-100 they bought in the 90s. Every time that thing breaks down, your mother prays it’ll be the end. But Dad always finds a way to bring it back to life. He’s the one you call when something’s loose, cracked, or in need of rewiring. 

Ace Biblio (Brass) - The ultimate DIY sidekick. Your dad needs a time-tested, dependable tool, something he can dig out for any job thrown his way. The Ace Biblio is a sustainable blade right at home on the workbench, with a warm brass

2. For the Nautical Dad

There’s nothing more “dad” than fishing. Some guys are just made for the water. And most of your fondest memories together involve piercing worms or ripping out fish guts. Now after all those years rowing out on the pond, he treated himself to a real vessel: his boat, his baby, the Fin-ally Free.

Giantmouse GMF3 (Green Canvas Micarta) - A modern fixed blade tough enough to tackle anything on the open seas. The GMF3 is an incredibly versatile indoor/outdoor tool, with a secure grip even in wet conditions. Hell, he can even remove the scales (something he loves doing), giving him a seaworthy skeleton knife ready to man the decks from bow to stern.

3. For the Enthusiast Dad

Maybe your dad still loves a good model airplane. Or has a massive train town in the basement. Maybe he never outgrew video games. Or has more guitars than fingers. Whatever the case, some dads are just big nerds, and we love them for it.

ACE Farley (Brass) - Like a classic pinball machine, this simple yet beautiful slipjoint is all about the details. Our take on the tried-and-true pocket knife, this is a hobbyist's dream, the perfect marriage of form and function. The ACE Farley gives dad the surgical precision needed for any craft project, while still being an attractive display piece for his ever-growing desk collection.

4. For the Multi-Hyphen Dad

It seems like some dads are just good at everything. The wunderkind, he fills his free time with every side quest under the sun. He mountain bikes, beekeeps, and boasts one hell of a vegetable garden. You don’t know how, but he built a brick oven in the backyard and found time to perfect his pizza making.

ACE Grand (Red Canvas Micarta) - Like your overachieving father, the ACE Grand truly does it all, and does it well. His soon-to-be favorite everyday tool, this blade checks all the boxes: ergonomic, high-grade materials, bold looks, effective slicer, and strong at the tip. It’s a knife that shows he’s done his research, with a durable steel blade ready to be used a lot, on everything.

5. For the Nomad Dad

Then there’s the dads who retire and take off into the sunset. He spent his savings on a camper van he might love more than you, and tonight he’s sleeping in the desert somewhere. Sure he returns for holidays, but even then, it’s usually just to gear up for the next adventure.

Ace Nimbus V2 (Natural Canvas Micarta) - For every task around the campfire, we present the backpacker’s best friend, the Ace Nimbus. This rugged yet sleek tool knife gets its wandering spirit from its namesake the Nimbus motorcycle, a Danish workhorse and pinnacle of utilitarian design. With its ergonomic grip, bronze washers, and Elmax steel for maximum cutting power, this is the perfect outdoor companion for the dad who loves being alone.

6. For the Never-Serious Dad

He’s the funny dad, the dad-joke dad, the loves-every-Christopher-Guest-movie dad. He spent hours playing princess dress up, and busted his butt so you could have every toy you dreamed of. He may not be the most rugged, or even particularly useful in any manual way, but he’s the dad who can always cheer you up when you’re down.

Ace Nibbler (Green Aluminum) - Character, comfort, and fun: three words that describe both your dad and the GiantMouse ACE Nibbler. Inspired by Nibbles “Tuffy” mouse from Tom and Jerry, this little folder packs some serious personality, and gives dad prime material for any “size doesn’t matter” jokes. Big enough to handle any job, but easy enough for even him to operate.

7. For the Dog Dad

Not all fathers raise humans. Some dedicate their waking hours to a small animal’s potty schedule. These men deserve an award too, for all the sleepless nights, emergency vet visits, and hours spent cleaning vomit out of carpet. 

Ace Sonoma V2 (Black G10) - Gift your canine caretaker the ultimate urban utility folder, named after dog heaven, California’s Sonoma County. This ultralight liner lock is perfect for long trail walks or simple trips around the block. A grab-and-go with the appeal of a Cavapoo, and the power of a Newfoundland. Ready for a hunting trip it’ll probably never see.

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