Mighty Mice of America

GiantMouse KnivesGiantMouse is proud to introduce the “Mighty Mice of America” line of products.

The “Mighty Mice of America” are small companies, one-man operations, cool craftsmen and craftswomen who Jens, Jesper and the GiantMouse team have come to know through our travels across America.  They are people who's friendship we enjoy and whom we feel represent the same spirit and drive that fuels GiantMouse - true artisans who take pride in their work, are passionate of their craft, and stand behind their products.

The "Mighty Mice of America" products will be small runs of cool products that we are proud to own and carry.

The first product in our “Mighty Mice of America” series is the ANSØ / VOX 1989 hank made by Huckleberry Woodchuck near Knoxville, Tennessee.  Jay Smith is an amazing artisan who has been turning out fantastic handmade handkerchiefs to the EDC community since 2013.  Jay’s hedgehog branding is “a symbol of utility, simplicity, and having the tools you need at hand.”

Our second “Mighty Mice of America” artist is our friend, and insanely talented gear designer, Mike Bond - owner of Ti2 Design in Pearl City, Hawaii. We’ve collaborated with Mike to produce one of his incredible TechLiner pens, decked out with our GiantMouse logo. If you’ve ever handled a piece of EDC gear produced by Mike, you know he’s a perfectionist, and pays close attention to detail. Mike’s machining and finishing work is some of the best we’ve seen!

GiantMouse Knives - Danish Design, American Spirit!