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Change logs changelog



  • Activated ‘read before buy’ link; edit locale .json language file properties ’Size Chart’ to ‘Please read before placing order’ also for french, german and spanish with aid of google translate; popup link will open page ‘IMPORTANT - READ …’ this page can be edited to apply future changes to this text; removed the red texts from individual product pages.
  • Moved button ‘Add to cart’ to top of the page for improved mobile experience
  • Added Instagram feed to homepage (GiantMouse News)
  • Removed ‘Our Story’ from footer menu
  • Changed homepage slider to 2x ACE sliders
  • Removed homepage collection pages
  • Added banners 1-3 to homepage
  • Added ’Staff Picks’ to homepage
  • Changed main navigation
  • Added GM collection
  • Added ACE collection
  • Added Fixed Blade collection
  • Added Hard & Soft goods collection
  • Rework of ‘Our Story’
  • Rework of ‘Reviews & Testimonials’
  • Added hidden Change log page